Creating Virtual Floppies with El Capitan

If you’re like me and deploy a lot of Cisco Collaboration software in a virtualized environment, you may not know this yet but, the changes to Disk Utility in El Capitan pretty much destroy the ability we used in previous versions of OS X to create a ‘virtual’ floppy disk for the Answer File.  Below is a quick summary on what you need to do to create those cool little floppy images to keep on building.

        1. Launch Terminal and create the new virtual floppy:
          hdiutil create -sectors 2880 -fs “MS-DOS FAT12” -layout NONE -volname “floppy” floppy
        2. Mount the new virtual floppy via Terminal:
          hdid -nomount floppy.dmg
        3. Open Disk Utility & Format the Imagevirt_floppy_diskutil_1of3

          Disk Utility Screenshot 2 of 3

          Disk Utility Screenshot 3 of 3
        4. Place your platformConfig.xml file on the Virtual Floppy
        5. Eject the Virtual Floppy
        6. Rename via Terminal: mv floppy.dmg floppy.flp

I hope this helps someone out. I wasted two hours of a TAC Engineer’s time last night while figuring out my issue was self-inflicted.

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  1. Note, because of the fancy quotes used by WordPress you can’t copy and paste the command — or if you do you have to swap out the quotes with normal ones.

    `hdiutil create -sectors 2880 -fs “MS-DOS FAT12” -layout NONE -volname “floppy” floppy`

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