Creating Virtual Floppies with El Capitan

If you’re like me and deploy a lot of Cisco Collaboration software in a virtualized environment, you may not know this yet but, the changes to Disk Utility in El Capitan pretty much destroy the ability we used in previous versions of OS X to create a ‘virtual’ floppy disk for the Answer File.  Below is a quick summary on what you need to do to create those cool little floppy images to keep on building.

        1. Launch Terminal and create the new virtual floppy:
          hdiutil create -sectors 2880 -fs “MS-DOS FAT12” -layout NONE -volname “floppy” floppy
        2. Mount the new virtual floppy via Terminal:
          hdid -nomount floppy.dmg
        3. Open Disk Utility & Format the Imagevirt_floppy_diskutil_1of3

          Disk Utility Screenshot 2 of 3

          Disk Utility Screenshot 3 of 3
        4. Place your platformConfig.xml file on the Virtual Floppy
        5. Eject the Virtual Floppy
        6. Rename via Terminal: mv floppy.dmg floppy.flp

I hope this helps someone out. I wasted two hours of a TAC Engineer’s time last night while figuring out my issue was self-inflicted.

4 thoughts on “Creating Virtual Floppies with El Capitan”

  1. Note, because of the fancy quotes used by WordPress you can’t copy and paste the command — or if you do you have to swap out the quotes with normal ones.

    `hdiutil create -sectors 2880 -fs “MS-DOS FAT12” -layout NONE -volname “floppy” floppy`

  2. Hello
    I enter a first line and it created new floppy but when i enter the second line it shows no such file or directory 🙁 and if i enter first line again it shows only one image can created at the same time

  3. solve the problem it was because of the quotes but is there any other disk image created on the hard disk with the wrong code ? because the error only one image can be created at a time !

  4. There should be no other disk image created when accidentally using the fancy quotes from WordPress. Sorry about that. I’ll see if I can fix that.

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